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My students share their experience in getting to know this beautiful art form, 'Bharatanatyam'. All testimonials are taken directly from Google! 

I have been learning Bharathanatyam from Pratibha ma'am for the past few months. It has been a really beautiful and fruitful journey. She communicates so well and it feels like a one on one teaching-learning process. The techniques that she practices and teaches for each step or exercise is very useful and prevents from misadventures or injuries. I am happy to be her student and I am looking forward to learning more and more from her.

I have been learning Bharatanatyam for a year now. I thoroughly enjoy being in her dance class, yoga and exercise workshops. The dance classes with extra time for exercises and warm ups keeps me fit even during this quarantine period. The way she teaches the steps is so precise. The tips and tricks in the middle of the classes are something that I eagerly wait for. I would highly recommend Pratibha Natyalaya because of her experience and dedication which makes it easy for students like me.

Pratibha is a very passionate dancer, as a teacher she is very patient and kind. She gives personal attention and ensures that students learn dance in a technical manner with right expressions and perfect movements. She makes learning very easy and enjoyable. I am in constant awe of her energy and passion for dance. Her kind and sympathetic nature motivates adult learners like me to try new dance steps. Each class with Pratibha has been a good learning experience for me.

Online Bharatanatyam Classes by Pratibha Kini Student

My daughter has been learning Bharatanatyam with Pratibha Kini since past 1 year. Pratibha is a very professional teacher and is an excellent performer herself. She is a perfectionist too. She teaches children with a keen eye for detail, which helps them improve constantly. The classes are always conducted with shloka recitations, followed by exercises, developed specially for the dancers. These procedural, disciplined way of teaching is impressive and effective. Glad we found a teacher like Pratibha to teach our daughter.

Online Bharatanatyam Classes by Pratibha Kini Student

I have been learning with Guru Pratibha Kini for past one year (online/offline). It’s just amazing to see the tremendous amount of dedication she shows in teaching her students. She spends a lot of time correcting our postures and form at a very detailed and minute level. The vast knowledge she possesses about the art form is just incredible. I'd be happy if I could get half as good as her in this art form. Learning this art form has always been a dream and Guru Pratibha Kini has played a very crucial role in making it a reality.

Online Bharatanatyam Classes by Pratibha Kini Student

I have been attending Pratibha's classes over Zoom since October 2020. I was initially hesitant to learn dance virtually, but I absolutely love the classes and look forward to them eagerly. Pratibha is a wonderful teacher: with a lot of patience and tries to break down each step so that the students can grasp them easily. Each student in my class learns at their own pace. She has an in-depth knowledge about dance, fitness and health, which helps us to improve our dance and also to improve our general health and mobility. 

Pratibha is a very experienced energetic dancer, your dance expressions always give us goosebumps on our body !!! As a teacher she is very friendly with students. She makes learning very easy and simple. One of best things is she gives personal attention to each student. We always enjoy each class !!! Thank you Pratibha for taking lot of effort on your students & I m sure in your guidance we will be a good classical dancer in future.

I started learning Bharatnatyam in Pratibha's online classes since Oct 2020. Her classes have been very well structured and planned. She manages everyone's learning at their pace and that too extremely effectively. What I love the most is her in depth knowledge of the human body, understanding of various aspects needed for dance- like grace, strength, agility and concentration. It had been my long time dream to learn Bharatanatyam and I am blessed to have such a dedicated teacher to help me begin the journey of achieving this dream!

I wanted to improve my agility, stamina and learn the right techniques in dance. When I saw one of the You tube dance videos of Pratibha, I just fell in love with it. I used to watch her YouTube videos for all the tips for a dancer and everyone who wants to be fit. I was thrilled when I came to know that’s Pratibha is starting dance classes. I knew it would be virtual and online, as we are miles away, but believe me Pratibha observes each and every detail of where you made the mistake and she corrects it immediately. I have no idea how she does it. And she won’t teach you new Adavu until you excel the previous one, which I love about her.

Pratibha is a very inspiring dancer and an enthusiastic teacher. Apart from her flawless style of teaching, she also encourages us to spend a lot of time on body strengthening techniques, and that has had a huge impact in the way I dance. Her exhilarating dance performances on YouTube constantly motivate me to practice more. I am very glad that I found a teacher like her.

Pratibha is a very good teacher. She teaches twice a week and is very punctual. She keeps each student in the group class motivated, while teaching at their own pace.
Her Bharatanatyam techniques are authentic. I enjoy learning from her.

Pratibha is an eminent Bharatanatyam dancer. Her passion towards dance is commendable. As a teacher she has lots of patience in dealing with her students. She makes sure that students learn in the right way with proper expression, postures, movement and other aspects that is required to make a dance look graceful. 

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